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How do I get started in real estate investing?
Is this the right time for me?
How do I go about valuing a deal?
What can I do to maximize my portfolio?
How will I find a mentor who won't charge me thousands of dollars just for advice?

Investment Done Right


Real estate investing is hard enough, you shouldn't have to pay some self-professed guru tens of thousands of dollars. I'll teach you my successful strategies for free. There's a real estate niche for you.


I've been in the real estate investing market for over 40 years. I've seen buyers markets, sellers markets, high and low inflation, prices rise and fall, interest rates go up and down. You name it, I've invested in it.


You'll always have a trusted buyer you can count on. When I help you, all I ask is to show me what you're working on. If you have a deal that fits my criteria, I'll buy it from you. That's how real investors work.

Who is Joe Homs?

I began my real estate career by purchasing my first home at the age of twenty and then my first investment at twenty-two.

I was taught the real estate business by my father/mentor who dragged me out to fix and flip projects in the early 1970’s.

I currently have several “buy and holds” that I have acquired over the past forty years and now mainly flip homes with my daughter, Melissa and son-in-law, Ryan.

I now have free time to pass along my knowledge to others and do so by group and one-on-one training. I host two local meet up groups in Orange County.

If you like what you see or have any questions, please call me and setup a free consultation at (949) 625-4533. This goes directly to me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Joe Homs

Joe Homs Investment Property
Real Estate Investor Since

I Help Beginner And Experienced Investors

I have free time to pass along my knowledge to others and do so by group and one-on-one training. I host two local meet up groups in Orange County.

If you like what you see or have any questions, please call me and setup a free consultation.
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Joe is a very knowledgeable investor with an extensive amount of experience with the Southern California market. He is very straightforward and helpful. I presented him with my current deal and had found many missing items that needed to be addressed. I would strongly consider working with him as as a business partner within the Orange County real estate market!
Omar Mahmood
I met Joe at the Lake Forest REIA about two years ago when I first got into real estate investing. I completed five flips since then for which I am very grateful to Joe for giving me tips and insight whenever I needed them as well as selflessly sharing any contacts and resources that I needed to get the job done. I highly recommend Joe not only for anyone who is getting started in REI but also for any experienced investor who wants to expand the business.
Han Oh
Joe Homs has been a valuable asset in my real estate career. He is highly experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly, honest and trustworthy. I would recommend Joe to anyone who's looking to purchase a home or perhaps invest in one of his many successful flips in Orange County.
Audrey H.
Joe is very knowledgeable in Real Estate Investing. I met Joe at a meetup he hosted this past week about wholesaling because I am interested in getting involved in wholesaling. He took the time to meet with me a few days after the meetup to show me one of the properties he is making an offer on and how he gets to his offering price. He has also provided me with a plethora of tools to get started in wholesaling and all he asks in return is that he can see your deal first and buy it if it meets his criteria. Thank you again Joe for your time.
Jeff Shortley

3 Easy Steps To Your Investing Future



Let's get clear on your investing goals and current capabilities. We'll get on the phone or go to lunch and I'll help you determine where you are in your real estate investing journey. I work with everyone from beginners to experts.



There are many ways to invest in Real Estate. I'll show you ones that will work for you and even give you free education so you can get a good indication of what will work best for you.



Once you're clear on your goals, you'll be able to know exactly the steps to take to invest at any level you desire. I'll even be there as a potential buyer for deals that fit my personal investing criteria.

Professional Investor Tools

When you're ready to invest, I'll get you access to professional investment analysis tools that will help you on on your journey.
Pellego Flip and Rental Magic


Estimate the after repair value (ARV) or cash flow and equity growth of a house by predicting which comps are in a renovated, flip-like condition for the area.


When you look up a property, Pellego scans the market comps, shows you all of the relevant property details (bed, bath, etc.) and current and most recent listings with links to the MLS.


Automagically filled analysis of flipping costs so you can estimate after repair value (ARV) and adjust based on your understanding and financing options will show you how much you'll profit.


Pellego generates five Scope of Work (SOW) templates: Maintenance, Light Rehab, Medium Rehab, Heavy Rehab, and To The Studs. That allows you to make intelligent decisions about materials and labor costs.


Pellego uses algorithms based on historical flips to curate an initial set of renovated comps. Rather than just average the per square foot price, Pellego's machine learning algorithms estimate a value for you.


Pellego will help you calculate the present day cash flow and long term performance of rental properties you are looking to acquire. You can calculate all of your monthly cash flows and costs.

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